Makkin Limited

MAKKIN LTD is a wines and spirits supplier in Kenya.

Makkin Ltd began its wine distribution in February 2010 focusing on premium world class wines from Australia which have since been unquestionably considered and enjoyed in the Kenyan market.

Through MAKKIN LTD trail blazing, recognition of fine premium wines, MAKKIN LTD has since then grown by evolving itself in the Kenyan market to other fine wines and spirits from Napa Valley and Spain into our portfolio.

MAKKIN LTD as a distributor and supplier aims to bring the highest quality of products from around the world that will offer the hotels, restaurants and consumers the highest quality products at a true price value. 


Our focus is to be a leading provider of fine premium wines and spirits while providing exceptional quality products and services. MAKKIN continues to stay on family owned wineries and distilleries as we continue our unwavering quest to bring more extraordinary wines and spirits.


MAKKIN’s vision is to thrive as the best wines and spirits distributor and supplier and to be a world class service provider delighting our consumers with unbeatable premium brands.

  1. Integrity- Makkin stands by its name to only offer the best practice in its trade. We shall honor our customers and society in general, because you are our number one priority of our existence. Customer service shall be kept up to date with our particular focus being exceptional service.
  2. Quality- Makkin stands by its name to offer “Quality Guaranteed” products and services. The wines in the market shall be up to standard thus nothing sub-standard shall be tolerated. We stand by our name and emphasis that qualities complain shall be thoroughly investigated to meet our client expectations


Our people are the heart and soul of MAKKIN. We are extremely proud of who we are and the team here have made us what we are today. Our people will shape our future.


As a wine lover, I had always been a huge fun of wines, while visiting stunning wine estates during my time in Australia.I attended university at Murdoch University and completed my time there with a degree in BSC biology sciences in the year 2008

During my work experience, I dedicated my weekends to visit different wine estates around Australia, as my hobby slowly turned into a passion. During the remainder of my time I focused on unwavering mastering and learing about wines through a number of vast wine course trainings.

It has been a great journey and I will continue to enrich our wines and spirits culture relentlessly in aim to vinify extraordinary products.


We have an overall responsibility for the performance of MAKKIN LTD and directing the business for its successful execution.

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