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Why Australian wine

Australian wine has been well renowned worldwide for its exceptional and outstanding contribution in the wine industry in the 21st century. Its unique climate together with its arrays of soil from different regions offers the consumers the best quality in wine making history. Furthermore Australia has raised the bar in wine making, above the level for competitor in the wine industry by incorporating old and new approach in Oenology. Through viticulture (science or practice of growing grapes to make wine) and scientific investment in this fields Australia has overcome most of its challenges for instance; by the use of drip irrigation for water shortage and conducting intensive practice such as mechanization.

  • Research and development through science has led to a breakthrough of discoveries on how to practice viticulture in a conservative and environmental friendly manner thus reducing carbon foot print..
  • Its unique soil types and different climates offer a wide disparity in the variety of wines produced thus offering the wine consumer a wide range in brands.
  • Through R and D Australia has specialized in new and amazing blends focusing on meeting the entangled consumers halfway to cater for their varietal palate.
  • Environmental and conservative measures- Makkin shall offer and assist in most of its practicemeasures to embrace our adorable mother earth..
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